“Be The Star You Are”

Artist Development:

Your journey is important to me! I will be there for you every step of the way. I will help you find an Agent that can send you on auditions and the confidence needed to be your best.

I will teach you the skill needed to:

  • Authenticity training (being the true you)
  • Career guidance & direction (what agency is right for you)
  • Creative direction (with my industry contacts)
  • Entertainment relations & ethics (how to interact with the industry)
  • Health and wellness
  • Image consulting (what is flattering to your look)
  • Media training (how to do an interview)
  • Social media development ( what not to post on Face Book/Instagram )
  • Skin care ( beauty is skin deep and why )
  • How to build a team ( who can you trust )
  • Becoming a participant instead of an observer
  • The how to’s of networking

Relationship Building:

A professional approach to networking and building your own personal “team”.

Your team could include:

  • People I know and trust in the industry
  • Agencies I will put you in contact with
  • Parents if applicable
  • Photographer to get your “WOW” shot and build a portfolio and resume

All of us working together on your behalf to help you accomplish your goals.

Acting Training:

Setting & Following Goals, Improvisation, Commercials, Basics to Auditioning, Head Shots, Preparing a Resume, Hair & Makeup, Product Use & Props, Cold Readings, Script & Character Analysis, Meisner Techniques, and Scene Study.

Auditioning Skills:

My private classes will give you the tools to become a working model/actor.

“Inspiration/Perspiration/Preparation” – the “IPP” of acting

I will teach you the skill needed to:

  • Slate
  • Become the character  “Meisner style”
  • Research and breaking down the script
  • Character analysis
  • How to “stay in the moment”
  • How to “react not act”
  • How to “let it land” creating a point to the dialog
  • Self taping techniques for submitting audition tapes to casting directors – (I offer professional taping for your audition if needed).
  • How to interact with casting directors and producers
  • Who does what on a set and why you should know them
  • Professional set etiquette
  • The tenacity to make your moments memorable

Image Consultant:

Every model or actor needs that WOW shot that says “hire me”. I will help you develop your own characters and the confidence to carry them out in front of the camera.

I will teach you the skill needed to:

  • Makeup application and hair suggestions
  • What looks good on camera and what doesn’t
  • Personality in front of the camera
  • “Finding the you in you”
  • The art of a good commercial/drama head shot
  • What to eat and what not to eat before your photo shoot
  • What to bring to the photo shoot
  • How to walk, pose and perform professionally in front of the camera