My Mission: To inspire you to achieve your dreams with personal one-on-one teaching and development of your craft.

Artist Development

Your journey is important to me! I will be there for you every step of the way. I will help you find an agent that will send you on auditions and “you’ll have the confidence” needed to perform at your best. My courses include authenticity training, career guidance, creativity direction, entertainment relations & ethics, health and wellness, image consulting, media training, and social media development.

Acting Coach

My private classes will give you the tools to become A working model/actor. I teach the Meisner method of acting, character analysis and breakdown, self taping techniques for submitting an audition, how to interact with casting directors and producers, and “who” does what on a set and why you should know them, set etiquette, how to “stay in the moment” and “let it land”.

Image Consultant

Skin Care, choosing the proper foundation for your skin type, the art to your eyebrows, how to have lips without collagen, have people comment on your eyes not your eye makeup, the finished product that doesn’t look made up. Every model or actor needs that WOW shot that says “hire me”. I will help you develop your own characters and the confidence to carry them out in front of the camera.

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